Amari Davis. I am 18 years old, residing in Washington State, and beginning in September of 2015 I willbe starting my freshmen year of college at Pacific Lutheran University. In my spare time you can find me getting into "character" on any and everyone's stage in my community; Acting is something I've come to love so very much, a release of sorts for the hectic days. When I'm not pretending to be someone different, you can catch me hanging out with kiddos or other people my age, just spreading positivity and love to all those who will take it. I love my friends and family, and meeting new people has become just as much of an excitement for me as any of the other activities I do.

Of all the things I would love you all to know about me, I would most like you to know how much I love 

God. My relationship with Jesus Christ is the most essential part of my life because it provides me with 

the tools I need to do everything else I love effectively. Without God's guidance I would be so lacking in all the right energy, wisdom, and discernment needed for me to be my absolute best in the opportunities 

God places before me. Opportunities just like this one! 


As a GLAMbassador, I am able to incorporate all of the things I love, my passions and interests, all while 

meeting such lovely people and strengthening my relationship with Christ. What a sweet deal, right? 


RIGHT!   I can only hope/pray that all of my efforts as a GLAMBassador will bring smiles to your faces and joy to your hearts, something I thank God I have each and every morning. I thank you all in advance for letting me into your lives and opening up your hearts too what God has for you to receive through me. It's my chance to give back to all of you, all of the love God has given to me, and I couldn't be more excited about it!