Happy Monday! It's time for another devotional from our Dwell devotional series. We're so glad you're participating in this interactive study of Dwell with us. We hope you're as encouraged by all of this as we are by you taking part! 

This week's devotional entry is called Created for Good. It was written by our friend, Kristin Ungerecht, to remind us that we were created with intention and purpose, and we're placed right where we are for a reason. We know you'll be encouraged by this devotional! 


Be sure to come gather with us on social media this week and let us know what God's stirring up in your heart. Where has God placed you in this season of your life and what do you think are some of the "good works" you've been created to walk in? Be sure to use #iwilldwell in your posts and tag us @glamcampforgirls so we can interact with you! 


Kristin Ungerecht is a believer in living well and being kind; in warm hugs and wide smiles. She writes from a heart for Jesus and gentle encouragement, and works as a virtual assistant for creatives. She loves hot tea, fresh flowers, bright lipstick and a good road trip. Connect with her at her cozy corners of the web, andsoweareblog.com and kristinungerecht.com, on Instagram @andsoweare, or Twitter @kktoday

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