In Him and through faith in Him we may approach God with freedom and confidence. 

~Ephesians 3: 12

How many texts do you get/send every day?  A friend of mine said that he received/sent 30,000 texts last month! You would think that his fingers would be sore.  Texting is the preferred means for teenagers to connect these days. Who even calls anymore? 

Texting definitely has a language all to its own with abbreviations and symbols... lol and BFF to just name a few.  As much as you text your friends and as convenient as it is, do you communicate with God even a fraction of as much?  What if you could text God throughout the day just to touch base?  What would you say?  Would you say he was your BFF?  Would you tell him what happened in homeroom today?  Prayer is a wonderful way for you to keep connected with God.  As easy and fast as it is to text, you can shoot quick prayers to God, too.  Don't forget that he wants to know what's going on in life, what you struggle with and what you are excited about.  Trust me, he really does want to be your BFF!


Do I spend more time praying or texting my friends?

Application Step: 

Every time you text BFF, stop and give a quick prayer up to God.  He truly wants to be your BFF.


God, I love staying connected with my friends.  I thank you for the friendships you have given me in my life.  I realize though, that I spend more time connecting with them than I often do connecting with you.  Please forgive me for this, and help me to keep my priorities focused.  Help me to spend more time talking with you, in Jesus name I pray. Amen.


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We love you and keep on LOVING LOUD and LEADING WELL!