Today were going to talk about the four S's....

Society: Social Media :Strength :Significance

and how they all intertwine 


The community, the public, the people, the population are all things that define and describe society. Now ask yourself, what do you think society portrays? Our body image? The way we should act? The way others see us? Different trends? If you said any of these or more, your totally correct but what is society made of? Us! We set the trends, we make changes in the way things are ran, we start organizations, we empower people! 

Society isn't always about the way people portray us to look, act or perform. Sometimes we have to set aside and honestly think about how we want ourselves to be portrayed, not how society wants us to be portrayed. 

Sometimes we have to truly seek what is more significant.... ourselves or others? Learning and listening from others is important and helps us along the way but listening and learning from ourselves is even more important ( we'll talk about this more in the 4th S... significance). 


I know there's a lot of you that uses social media such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook etc. Now I'm not bias towards any social media platform but they all have their pros and cons but you know what makes social media, social media? Society. 

Now social media is where the self image comes in. We absorb things how we see them so if were constantly looking at people and objects that we think should describe our lives, we won't have strength. Strength to love ourselves, others and most importantly God because we're constantly caught up in what the world wants us to be versus what image God created us to be. 


Strength isn't just muscle strength, it's mental strength also. Your mind is very powerful. Just think about it. It holds immense amounts of information from your life. Academics, rules for sports, memories etc. 

Our minds can be good and bad, it all depends on the strength. When you read your bible and jot down notes, your strengthening your mind and body spiritually. When your strong in the word, you'll become happier, positive and you will love yourself even more because you won't have the urge to compare yourself or your life to others. 


Let's go back and elaborate on what I said (well wrote) in the society section. Listening to others is great because it helps us become more knowledgeable of scenario's but only listen to people you trust because believe it or not, not everyone is looking out for your best interest. 

God has given us the ability of feelings. When you have that feeling that something isn't right, not a jealousy or envy feeling but that gut feeling that something isn't right, listen to that feeling. In that situation you can't listen to other people. You have to do what's right for you. No matter what it is. Use that significant feeling and the strength of your mindto know what's best for you! 


You earn a lot of knowledge through social media and society,the good and the bad, but it's up to you to take that information to either strengthen or weaken your mind and use that information significantly

Share your knowledge with society and social media! Empower people to strengthen their minds with good and make those significant choices! 

We are the ones that can make a difference in our generation but we have to it together as a society through social media with our significantly strong minds (see what I did there).