Image: Ike and Tash Photography   

Image: Ike and Tash Photography


It's happened to all of us, we turn off our alarm clock and oversleep, causing us to run around like a mad women trying to get ready so we can promptly arrive! Not my favorite kind of day but it happens, so it's best to be prepared!

Here are my favorite tips and tricks for fast paced mornings!

1. Create two outfits that you feel great in so that when you rush out the door your not feeling iffy about your choice of clothing. One comfortable outfit and one casual outfit is best so you always have an option for the occasion. Not standing in front of the closet for 10 minutes trying to decide what to wear is key in successfully arriving on time. So having those go to outfits you can throw on in a split second is important. Feeling confident in what you wearing is key in confidently rocking your day!

2. One of my favorites! Wash your face with a nice smelling cleanser and cold water. It does wonders for your face and really wakes you up! It brightens up your face and helps you feel a little more spry when you arrive at your destination instead of rubbing sleep out of your eyes.

3. If you know you have school the next morning prepare the night before. Instead of leaving your books and your homework wherever, gather everything you will need and put it in your backpack the night before. It takes away all the stress of frantically looking for that important homework assignment due 1st period. All you have to do is grab your backpack and your out the door!

A girl can never be over educated or overdressed.
— Kate Spade

4. Most likely you won't have time to eat a good breakfast but it's very important to fuel your body for the day.  

A good, quick and easy meal is a granola bar ( I personally love Cliff bars) and a piece of fruit. Maybe an apple or mango that has substance to it!

5. Don't stress yourself out by trying do a full face of makeup!
Instead have three quick go to makeup products you can apply in a couple minutes if wearing makeup helps you feel more confident. I like to use foundation, mascara, and one of my favorite lipsticks or glosses! No need for a ten step process when you only have 10 minutes to get out the door LOL.

Rock it and be confident in who God has made you to be!

I hope you lovelies liked some of these tips! Let me know some of your favorite tips for when your running late in the comments.