"I confess that I am loved by God. Just as I am, with the lot or little that I possess, I am loved by God. I am His daughter and that makes me royal. No longer will I compare myself to others or speak negatively about myself. I am fearfully and wonderfully made and I accept God’s love for me."

Do you believe you're loved by God? Does your life reflect that? Join us in looking at love and identity as Meredith Banks shares this week!



Meredith Banks is a Southern girl who - like Jesus - is known to speak in parables and analogies. In her own humorously honest way, she writes about personal trials and triumphs in an effort to encourage and show God’s love to anyone willing to listen. She’s a self-proclaimed Jane-of-all-trades; passionate about all things Jesus, family, music, creativity and food (in that order). When she isn’t trying to save the world, she can be found doting on her nieces.