“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” -Psalm 133:1

“Finally, all of you, be like-minded, be sympathetic, love one another, be compassionate and humble.” -1 Peter 3:8


It’s easy to get caught up in comparison, so much so that we often do it without even realizing it.  We measure our “assets” or “weaknesses” against others, jockeying for the position of being better than someone else.  Now you may think, “No, I don’t do that! I don’t think I’m better or worse than others.”  But the thing is, that’s exactly what you’re doing when you compare- you’re trying to decide who is “better” or “more beautiful.”  This results is one of two things: 1. You deciding that the other person is “better looking” or “more talented” than you, or 2. You deciding that you’re better than the other person.  Both ways of thinking are flawed, one leaves you feeling inadequate and insecure, the other leaves you with a false sense of pride.  

Either way, comparison is a dangerous game to play- one that leads to discontentment, jealousy, and insecurity.  There have been so many times that I’ve gotten caught up in comparing myself to other girls, which led me to being dissatisfied with my own appearance.  I’d think that I was so fat or ugly compared to some of my friends.  And on top of that, I would get insecure because I thought my friends might see me in the same way- as the “uglier” one.  This ultimately led to divides in some of my friendships, either I would be jealous of them or they would be jealous of me.  We felt like we always had to put on a show for each other, to make it look like we have it all together.  And since we were so caught up in comparing ourselves to each other, we got distracted from the important things.  That’s the thing with comparison, it makes you feel terrible and it creates divides in your relationships.  Instead of being able to be vulnerable and real with each other, it forces you to put on a mask and maintain an image.  

Ultimately, comparison is an inhibitor of community and sisterhood.  And you know what I think?  I think that the enemy wants us to keep comparing ourselves with each other.  He wants us to stay stuck in the competition that we can never win.  He wants us to be insecure and jealous of each other.  You know why?  Because we, as sisters in Christ, are strong together.  When we work together and are united, we are powerful.  So instead of staying stuck in the comparison game, with insecurity, dissatisfaction and jealousy, link arms with your sisters, build each other up and stand united.  Because together, we can do so much and the enemy doesn’t stand a chance.

Raelene Harris is a spicy as they come- in her faith, her hobbies, and her style!  A lover of the arts and aesthetics, she seeks to use her passions such as photography and music to glorify God and build relationships.  As a 2017 intern, she is thrilled with the opportunities to expand His kingdom.