Have you ever taken a selfie with the flash on and noticed the residue of a white mask on your face left from your makeup? That effect is called a “flashback,” and once I learned what exactly that meant, I knew I needed to find makeup that wouldn’t have the same irritating effect once applied to my skin. So I set out on a hunt for three particular foundations (all of which didn’t give me the flashback I so deperately wanted to avoid), and wanted to share them with you! 

These foundations are perfect for any instances which might feature flash photography; like senior portraits, professional event photos, and even some of your every-day selfies. To begin, I apply a primer prior to my foundation. Next, I apply my foundation with a damp makeup sponge (any brand will do), and then I pair my makeup with a powder that most closely resembles my skin tone. 

Some tips to consider when looking for anti-flashback makeup products:

  1. Look for foundations that match your color or are a shade darker to lessen the chances you’ll get the white mask residue.
  2. As much as I love a good “highlighted” look, you can avoid flashback by using a lighter (1-2 shades) concealer to highlight your face.
  3. Avoid products with sunscreen! They will definitely give you flashback.
  4. Avoid products that contain the ingredient “Silica,” as this will surely give you flashback as well.
  5. Avoid using “translucent” or white-setting powders. It never works out when flash photography is involved.

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First on our list (and my personal favorite) is Maybelline New York’s “Fit Me!” Matte + Poreless foundation. Its matte foundation formula features micro-powders to control shine and blur pores. It’s a pore minimizing foundation that is dermatologist-approved and allergy-tested, and most importantly, it’s also non-comedogenic (meaning it doesn’t give you pimples)!

This foundation is perfect for oilier skin because it maintains its matte status all day! It is custom made to fit normal to oily skin, and comes in 40 shades (mine is the 128 Warm Nude Beige). I recently tested this product when I took my senior portraits just last week. Before applying this foundation, I applied a primer by Elf and my pores were invisible. The foundation was lightweight and didn’t cake on at all after I applied a couple of layers to get my desired coverage. Most importantly, no flashback included!

Now, let’s talk prices. Since we are young, we cannot afford to spend all of our money on just one foundation. I paid $7.99 for my foundation at my local CVS, but depending on where you buy your makeup, the price may increase or decrease. 

Note: Maybelline also has a convenient shade finder on their website! I thought this was a super cool idea, so I took the test and luckily discovered that I had purchased my “correct” shade color. The test asks you questions about the condition of your skin in the morning and after a day of wearing foundation. You can find the foundation match finder HERE.  

Overall, my rating is a solid 5/5 stars for Maybelline’s “Fit Me!” foundation! Considering its affordability, how closely it matches my skin tone, and that it’s anti-flashback makes this pick a no-brainer! 

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Next on the list is L’Oréal’s “Infallible” Pro-Matte 24-hour foundation. This foundation has a semi-matte finish, is long-wearing, and has an air-light texture. It is also oil-free and retails for $12.99. There are currently 12 available shades to choose from. 

Now, as much as I love this foundation, it is not my favorite because it does have an orange undertone to it. My skin has a “cool” undertone, so if you have fairer and cooler skin this won’t perfectly match your skin tone. However, I would still recommend this foundation because it is lightweight and gets the job done without leaving me any pesky flashback. I, again, applied a couple of layers of this foundation to get my desired coverage. 

The shade I purchased was the “105 Natural Beige” at my local Walmart. I did not need to apply any powder throughout the day of testing this product because thankfully, as advertised, the oil was effectively controlled as I went about my day. Unfortunately, I was unable to wear the product for the full 24 hours, but it did manage to stay intact all day and into the night.

In the end, I give L’Oréal’s “Infallible” foundation 3.5/5 stars based on the higher cost and having less of a selection of foundation colors to choose from in the series. However, it does have a beautiful finish to it.

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Although my last foundation pick is costlier and considered “higher end,” I wanted to leave you one final option to consider. Clinique’s “Acne Solution” foundation is a non-irritating, oil-free makeup that blends blemishes and diminishes redness. It features an ingredient called “salicylic acid” that is used to treat acne and helps prevent pimples and blackheads from coming back.  

This product is allergy-tested, and you can apply multiple layers to get your desired coverage while still maintaining a “natural” finish with cool undertones. This product comes in 16 shades, and my shade is the “03 Fresh Natural.” Anytime I notice that pimples are about to form I love using this product, but its higher price makes it harder to obtain. It’s currently selling for $28, but Neutrogena might have a similar foundation for a cheaper price.

Overall, I give this product 4/5 stars because it helps combat my acne and matches my skin tone perfectly; its only drawback is the higher price.

I am someone who loves makeup, but it is important to keep in mind that makeup is not meant to make us beautiful; it is meant to enhance our already God-given beauty. Matthew 7:25 says that the house did not collapse “because its foundation was on the rock.” Let Jesus, our rock, be our true foundation so we will neither collapse, nor be shaken. God doesn’t measure our beauty by how much makeup we wear, but by those “who hear words of [His] and act on them.” Whomever does so will “be like a wise man who built his house on the rock” (Matthew 7:24). I encourage us all to build our self-image in Jesus’ name by knowing that with or without makeup, we are still loved. 

You are lovely. You are a masterpiece, and you are wonderfully made.


Bianca Herrera (aka B), is part of The Crew - the 2017 GLAM Camp for Girls internship. Her passion is helping girls realize that they are beautiful and that beauty comes from Christ. She loves dancing, eating weird foods, and all things gold. You can probably catch her hanging out with some type of animal. Always remember to stay classy! 

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