HEY!!! My name is Emmalee Ford, and I am currently 17 years old! I live in the cute town of Puyallup, Washington! I come from a family of four. I am blessed with parents and an older brother that love Jesus and pursue Him daily. I also have the blessing to daily attend a Christian School that encourages my faith to grow constantly. The most important thing you need to know about me it this: My heart is most full when serving others. I truly mean it when I say that, it’s a blessing to have the ability and opportunity to serve. I also find so much comfort in loving others. Jesus is the best definition of the action “to love”, and it is an honor to study and learn how to be like him. 

It brings me great joy to serve and to love in the same way that Christ has loved me and served me so deeply and passionately. So, because I find great joy in serving and loving others, that is the reason why I have a growing passion for glam camp for girls! My heart and my desire is that each girl will grow to know how beautiful and valued she is. I pray each girl will find their precious worth in the Father because He is a King and they are a Princess. I deeply desire that each girl will know the power she has. The power to change the lives of the people around her and the power to change the world. This is just a small glimpse of the desire I have for glam camp and the desire I have to love, serve and inspire girls all around the world. 

On a more crazy note, you need to know this, I love pictures (preferably selfies, and my PINK selfie stick), I love coffee, I love baking, and I love High School Musical. If you look on my Instagram or twitter (YO! Give your girl a follow @emmalee_ford!!), you will find countless selfies capturing the joy of the people around me. Oh, and most of my selfies feature the PINK selfie stick! Where are all my selfies taken? Probably a coffee shop because coffee is appreciated in my friendships and in my life. Also, who doesn’t like a good cookie or cupcake? I know I’m always down for a good dessert. One of my favorite things to do in my free time is to bake and to watch High School Musical. A perfect day for me is a day full of Jesus and friends, selfies, coffee, baking, and High school musical! Finally, if you’re reading this know that you are SO loved, SO beautiful and I would LOVE to talk about Jesus, drink coffee, and take a cute selfies with you!