Are you a GLAMbassador?

Are you a leader in your community?

Do you love loud?

We are looking for girls 15-22 who are interested in joining and representing our movement in their communities, girls who lead with love and who want the best for the peers around them! We are looking for girls to join our community who understand our message and want to help spread it!

If you are interested and want to apply and join other girls who are already loving loud and leading well in their communities, participate in special forums, events and community service activities-  Complete this application and submit it back to us no later than  March 15th, 2015. There are limited spaces for our program and applications will be reviewed on a first come first serve basis! We are so excited to equip and spread the message of love to young people everywhere! #shelovesloud #everygirlhasastory #glamcampforgirls #glamlife

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In 150words or less: Tell us why you would like to be apart of the GLAMBASSADOR Program?
In 150 words or less: What it mean to be a good leader?
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What are your aspirations and goals in life?
In 150 Words or less, Give us a brief description of areas you may need to grow in as a person. What areas do you want to work on? What things do you want to take to the next level in your life?
In 150 words or less :Give us a brief description of your strengths as a person. What areas are you strong and confident in? What are you most proud of about yourself?
In 300 words or less: Tell us about someone who inspires you and why!
What extracurricular activities are you involved in and why?