“Glam Camp has made an impact on my life. Being here made me realize who I really am. Being with my Glam sisters just makes me feel like everything is ok and that I can be myself without being judged. I am so much happier now that I came and experienced this. Thanks to Melinda, Aunty Jacki, and everyone else who made this 2012 Glam Camp the best experience ever.” – Briona Saunders, age 16

“Glam Camp has helped me to build a closer relationship with God. GlamCamp has also taught me that I’m on this earth for a reason. Glam Camp has made a big impact on my life and I feel that when I go home, I will be a brand new person. I have a totally new relationship with God. Glam Camp has changed my life forever!” – Mariah Pearson, age 17

“At Glam Camp, I learned that someone really does love me and that person is God. I had lots of fun, met new friends, and we bonded. I’m a new young lady. I’m strong, awesome, and a fantastic girl. Nobody can 

tell me anything different. I learned this from the Glam girls.” – Kelsey Smith, age 14

“To me, Glam Camp means to speak the work of God. Our theme song is ‘I’m a genius and I’m a leader. I’m a bonafied, certified diva. I’m a princess cause I got Jesus, and he’s my K- I- N- G!” – Deanna Monica Anna Carter, age 11

“Glam Camp brought me closer to God, helped me meet new people, andshowed me how to pour my heart out to the Lord. It showed me how to have fun while doing it too. It’s been a great chance to share my love and joy for the Lord with people my own age.” – Lefstebany Stebble, age 16

“I learned that God really loves me no matter what I do or say. I learned that everyone needs to stay together because this life is too short. People are dying at very young ages now a-days. Never let someone tell you that you aren’t beautiful because God knows who you are and that’s 

all that matters.” – Jermiara, age 17

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