My name is Starr,and I'm 17 years old, hailing from Flint Michigan. Recognizing my talents led me to join Glam Camp for Girls. It showed me that it's important to empower girls my age and to encourage them that they can be whatever they want in life. Through the program I have noticed that a lot of the other girls love the same things I do: photography, traveling, shopping, and God. Some things that I really enjoy on my own are writing, editing, technology and helping others who need it. Being in the program has given me the chance to shine light on the things I care about, and given me a stage to showcase my talents in a way I had never thought possible. And with this program and my talents, I believe that there are many more stages to come.

Growing up is becoming aware of yourself and where you want to go. As more and more opportunities come my way, I am realizing this and living by it. I believe strongly in the power of determination, and I stand on the comfort that I can do anything my God has planned for me and beyond. This has motivated me to recognize and accept my talents, and use them to the absolute best of my abilities. I hope to inspire people with my talents, and be on the frontier of true happiness for our society.