I am in love with all things beautiful and pure. A few years ago I was made aware of the worldwide epidemic of Human Trafficking. I learned that the most common age of girls trapped in this industry is 12­15, and that absolutely broke my heart. Since then, I have invested into girls in that age group and my love for fashion. I see this as an opportunity to enhance our natural beauty and find an outlet to express our true selves. I now attend Sanford Brown majoring in Fashion Merchandising. Through this program I developed a skill for marketing and trend forecasting. I have also taken business and sketch classes. 

Women have been making their mark on the business world and I fully support women empowerment! I enjoy the world of business with fashion mixed in! I believe with all my heart that with the right wardrobe, every girl can take on her world with a confidence so genuine and strong; no one can bring her down! When you dress well, you feel good. Success isn't based on a beautiful outfit. but it can certainly help! Glam Camp for Girls is such a timely movement with all that is going on in the world to promote the success of women. I want to empower young women in any way that I can, and Glam Camp for Girls has done an unbelievable job of setting an uplifting culture to make that happen.


I owe much of who I am to my home church, Champions Centre. It may be a big church, but it is like one big family. Born and raised in Puyallup, I am a true Washingtonian and really do love the rain, despite of what foreigners may think of how depressing it can be. Even though it feels a bit strange listing out "fun facts" about yourself I want the young ladies who participate with Glam Camp for Girls to feel like they known us GLAMbassadors; so bare with me for a bit while I talk about myself! I will be 19 as of June 26th, and as mentioned earlier, will be graduating with my BA in Fashion Merchandising next spring. I am planning like crazy to get my fashion/lifestyle blog up and going, and I have had a deep love for donuts before they ever became the popular food to like. I have two kitties that I adore as well as two sisters who I guess are aight.. Just kidding, they bring color to my life. 


Due to the fashion industry being such a passion of mine, as well as empowering young women, I have full trust that God will bring these two desires together. God has been nothing but faithful and continues to bless me with opportunity after opportunity. Most recently I was asked to join the staff of Seattle Fashion Week. I was a Design Coordinator as well as the Backstage Assistant Manager. I learned so much and made so many connections that could have only been God designed. He is faithful through and through, and as He continues to bless me with opportunities, I know that through the Glam Camp for Girls movement, we are going to be able to reach so many girls who need to know just how valued and loved they are, that they can lean on God full heartedly and trust that he will set all our paths straight. We all have a very important purpose, and many of you probably have heard that so many times and think its cliche by now, but its true, God wants to take those desires of your heart, and use them to glorify the Kingdom.