Stellar and Dove Award-nominated gospel recording artist & Dream Girlz Gathering Founder Melinda Watts has felt the pain of transition and knows there is purpose on the other side. Be encouraged by her story.
Sometimes in life you feel content where you are and then something happens that upsets the natural flow and order of things. This is what transition or change feels like. Life gets shaken up and your nest gets stirred. You are forced to move out into new territory and explore unknown environments. Though it seems like it will be your undoing, often, God uses transitional phases as a means to usher you into your place of destiny. If you keep following His leading, you'll find that it gets better day by day.

Melinda Watts had to walk away from the very thing she felt fulfilled in doing to pursue an entirely different course that would change her life forever.
After winning Gospel Music Channel's national singing competition, "Gospel Dream," Melinda's new platform mandated that she leave her post as a high school English teacher to minister to the masses through song.

For some, this would seem like a dream come true, but not so for Melinda. She knew her purpose and calling was to mentor young girls and had only tried out for Gospel Dream after her unrelenting sister insisted upon it. The California girl had no idea what sweeping changes awaited her.
Saying goodbye to her old life was heart-wrenching for both Melinda and the students she taught, especially those who viewed her as a mother figure.

“Your everyday girl that does not go to church, once she gets a glimpse of who God is, she
wants God.”

Giving up all that seemed almost wrong, but Melinda knew she was doing the right thing. She just didn't know how God would bring it all full circle. But He had a much greater plan. Looking back, when Melinda first presented the idea of creating a special program for her students, the idealistic teacher had a tough time convincing the administrative staff that she could do it. “They were a little hesitant," recalls Melinda. "They thought I wouldn’t be able to do it because I was close in age to the kids, but God favored it because I knew God gave it to me." 

Remarkably, these days, the school system is now sending girls to Melinda's LOVE-centered empowerment conferences. Girls everywhere are drawn to Melinda’s G.L.A.M. Camps—something she says God showed her in a vision. “One time I was ministering in song and the Lord showed me a vision of me, and the school buses were pulling up to the church. And when they got to the church, the church turned into a school and the girls had Bibles in their hands.”

That vision is unfolding as Melinda is able to educate girls practically and spiritually. As a result, she is seeing a hunger for God even among the girls unaccustomed to church. “Your everyday girl that does not go to church, once she gets a glimpse of who God is, she wants God.”
Knowing that this God-desire would be awakened in even more girls if they were only exposed to the message of the gospel, Melinda Watts and her team have hit the road, taking their camp to various cities. “It’s something we really love to do, so we work with schools, churches, and community organizations to host the events.”

Melinda describes these high-energy events as a "culmination of many things. It’s a school, it’s a conference, it’s a church, it’s a revival, it’s an overnight pajama party. It’s all those things. It’s amazing.”